Posted by: nairobismiths | March 5, 2013

Day After the Elections

We woke this morning to an eerie quiet as if a blanket of silence had been laid across the city. Somehow you are not aware of all that background traffic noise and even the builders next door, until suddenly it is all very quiet.

Yesterday’s elections passed very peacefully in Nairobi, and virtually the whole of Kenya. People demonstrated the kind of patience and commitment to exercising their democratic right which has faded amidst the voter apathy of some parts of the world. Some began queuing long before dawn. At just before nine am we drove past our local polling station and it took over three minutes to drive the length of the voter queue. With six positions to vote for and a new biometric voter registration system in place this was always going to take time and the electorate seemed happy to wait and chat in line.

Today we have been waiting for the results and it is as if the whole city is quietly waiting. Roads are almost empty as the city waits patiently, catching the news on TV or radio. About half the results are in.  Uhuru Kenyatta currently has a clear lead with about 53% of the vote, sufficient for a straight win without a run off. However there are still a lot of results to be declared. The electronic system appears to be having some technical glitches. The chairman of the electoral commission has now announced that the returning officers will be bringing the results to Nairobi tomorrow, so it will be a while before we get the final result. However, all is calm, and all being well, life should begin to return to normal tomorrow.

We continue to pray but it is Julian of Norwich’s words which come to mind. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well”


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